Riverbed view at Crawford Notch General Store & Campground

Crawford Notch General Store & Campground

Rules and Policies

All rules and policies subject to change

Check-In Time - 1 PM - 8 PM for campsites and 3 PM - 8 PM for cabins & yurts.

Reservations are guaranteed until 8:00 p.m. on the expected day of arrival. All guests must arrive by 8:00pm and check-in at the General Store to register. Otherwise the reservation will be canceled and subject to re-rental.

Check-Out Time - 11:00 AM After check out time you are no longer considered a registered camper, and additional fees may be incurred.

Quiet Hours- 10 PM - 7 AM Radios, car stereos, conversations, etc must be limited to your site and not a disruption to adjoining campers.

Respect Others - All campers and their guests must to be respectful and courteous to their fellow campers, guests, and campground employees at all times during their stay.

Personal Items - We are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.

Protected Woods - No cutting, marking, carving, peeling or disfiguring of any tree or brush. Damage to protected woods is against NH State Law and are subject to fines.

Children - Campers are responsible for the actions and safety of their children. Minors must be on their site or in the company of an adult after 10 PM. Younger children should have an adult with them in the bathhouse or at the river.

Visitors - Please inform us if you expect visitors. They must register, pay the required fee and get a car pass before entering the campground. Day visitors must leave by 9 PM. unregistered visitors will be asked to leave.

Vehicles / Bikes - Speed Limit 5 MPH! No Motor bikes, ATVs, scooters etc are to be driven around the campground. Motorcycles may be used to enter or leave the campground only. Bicycles should stay on roads or trails and ride during daylight only.

Deer on TrailFires - Please maintain fires at a safe level in the fire ring or stone fireplace only. Do not move the rings (against NH State Law) and never leave the fire unattended. Extinguish fires when you leave or retire for the night. Fires need to be out by 11:30 pm.

Alcohol / Drugs - Public display of intoxication, underage drinking or disorderly conduct will result in eviction without refund and possible arrest. Marijuana is illegal in New Hampshire. Usage on the property is prohibited and could result in eviction and possible arrest.

Trash / Food Storage - Please place your trash in the dumpsters located near the entrance. Food and trash must be secured at all times because we are sharing the location with a wide variety of wildlife. At no time should you store food, coolers or in your tent. We recommend putting all trash / food containers in a secure vehicle when not in use. Keep a clean site, keep food prep and storage away from sleeping areas. Please wash pots & dishes in outdoor sinks or at our dishwashing station.

Pets - Keep pets leashed and under control at all times.

Pets should never be left unattended.

Clean up after your pet whether on your site, in the woods or along the road.

Pets are allowed on campsites, roads and trails, but not in buildings or the designated swimming hole.

RV Dumping - NH State Law prohibits the discharge of fluids from RVs onto the ground

Saco River

Campsite General Store

Crawford Notch General Store & Campground
1138 US Route 302
Hart's Location, NH 03812-4226
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